Other Industries


Work in an industry that we do not directly mentioned on our site? Not surprising. As energy demand continually increase, power quality applications will become ubiquitous across a plethora of industries. CTM Magnetics has already provided solutions to countless industries. However, we have found that most industries and applications are trying to solve the same common problems.

For motor protection, check out our CTM Sine Wave Filters.

For protection against harmonic distortion and voltage spikes (both from the grid and from local nonlinear loads), take a look at our line/load reactors and active front-end filters.

For power generation filtering for the grid, see our grid-tie filters.

For help meeting harmonic distortion requirements per IEEE 519, look at our line/load reactors and active front-end filters.

In order to filter common-mode noise, we design and manufacture common-mode chokes and three-phase common-mode filters.

For line current balancing or merging two lines into one, we design interphase reactors.

If you are unsure of your requirements or looking for a customized solution, feel free to contact our engineers directly for help with your specific power quality needs.