CTM Magnetics designs and produces three phase inductors (reactors) and filters for the line (grid) side and load (motor) side of AC Drives and Inverter systems from 40 A through 3,000 A. When compared to conventional silicon-steel inductor products, CTM’s patented technology brings to this market:

  • 50% reduction in size
  • 50% reduction in weight
  • 50% reduction in power loss
  • 75% reduction in audible noise

Since 2006, CTM has placed over 200,000 units in the field filtering three phase power, with the industry’s highest product reliability. CTM Magnetics’ products serve the following primary markets:

  • Oil and Gas Harvesting
  • Utility Scale Renewables
  • VSD Controlled Chillers
  • Ship and Rail Transportation
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Active Filters
  • Active Front End (power factor correction) AC Drives

CTM Magnetics inductor and filter technology is protected by over 23 patents with over 450 claims with many more pending. At CTM Magnetics, innovation is highly valued; we engineer forward-thinking products that provide solutions to tomorrow’s power quality problems. Our company has a strategic plan to be the low cost producer in our market space; in order to meet these goals, over the last two years we have invested heavily in facilities, personnel, processes and equipment. Our current 60,000 sq. foot HQ facility is located on 5 acres in Tempe, Arizona, with a satellite facility of 20,000 sq. feet on 2 acres next door.

We have optimized our layout, workflow, and processes to support lean manufacturing techniques and 5S workstations. Our MRP software system manages and communicates all aspects of customer orders, supply chain, production, accounting, and documentation. Our product development team uses SolidWorks® 3D CAD software to develop all of our product lines and manufacturing documents, making communications with our customers seamless when trading 3D models of assemblies.

CTM Magnetics is committed to serving our partners who need the value our technology brings to these specialized three phase inductor and filter markets. We are driven to develop standard and custom products which deliver our value proposition of 50% reductions in size, weight, power loss and noise, with no additional cost.

CTM Magnetics has been ranked as one of the top employers in the state of Arizona for employee retention. CTM has many loyal team members who have served our company over 25 years and counting from engineering, manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing. Our leadership is committed to supporting team members’ career goals and optimizing a culture of communication from the CEO to the production line worker. Respect is built through consistency: consistency in support, communication, encouragement, and accountability. This culture is sacred to us; we will maintain it as we grow.

CTM values families. We understand that each team member has a life outside of work that sustains and nourishes them; we encourage our team members to spend time with their families away from work.

CTM is committed to innovation, as innovation provides the platform for future growth. We innovate products, processes, systems, materials, software, factory layout, and all other elements of operating and delivering value to our customers. CTM adds to its IP portfolio every year with new ideas from different team members; all of which improve our value to our customers.

CTM products are global leaders for efficiency, packaging, cooling technology, material technology and system integration. The largest companies in the world trust our products in their systems because we bring such high value. In order to innovate, companies must accept difficult challenges; CTM has the patents and products to prove we will not back down from a challenge.

CTM invests in its future; our company is not run for short term profit. CTM is in an emerging market which values reliability, efficiency, and delivery. When our customers decide to utilize our 50% reduction in size, weight, noise, and power loss with no added cost value proposition, we view it as a long term partnership commitment. CTM makes the investments in personnel, supply chain, systems, equipment, and facilities to support our partners for the duration of our business relationship.

CTM was founded in Arizona in 1976 by a Motorola engineer who wanted to design and build line and switching frequency transformers for Motorola. In 1981, the company was purchased by its current ownership.

During the 1980’s and 1990’s CTM Magnetics carved out a growing business in line and switching frequency custom engineered magnetics. Our products used standard components available to anyone during these years; however, our engineering skills, customer service, and quality production team helped build the business to a sustainable level where investment in innovation was possible. Our markets from 1980 through 2004 were medical electronics, professional audio, battery chargers, and some military products.

In 2004, our product development engineers accepted a project to design an inductor on the output of a three phase, 2 kHz variable speed drive delivering 480 V at 1,200 A to a motor. Through a trial and error design method, CTM engineering finally conceived of our first THISS Technology® filter inductor design. The new inductor technology performed brilliantly under the customer’s 1,200 A test, and CTM Magnetics applied for its first patent.

Since 2005, CTM developed substantial IP for THISS Technology® inductors and filters. During this time, CTM internally developed its technology, materials, manufacturing equipment, processes, systems, and controls, while externally building and growing its customer base, markets, and supply chain; these advances allowed CTM to produce its patented technology to a fundamentally new set of markets and customers.

CTM grew by over 300% during this time; it became clear that customers valued the following benefits of our patented inductor and filter technology:

  • 50% reduction in size
  • 50% reduction in weight
  • 50% reduction in power loss
  • 75% reduction in audible noise

Our patented THISS Technology® inductors and filters found frequent use in power quality applications on both sides of AC Drives or Inverters, where they were needed to remove harmonic frequencies and voltage spikes from the power line and drive caused by nonlinear loads introduced by power semiconductors.

Today, CTM delivers this large product value to some of the world’s largest companies in Oil and Gas Harvesting, Utility Scale Renewables, VSD Controlled Chillers, Ship and Rail Mass Transportation, Active Filters, and Active Front End AC Drives. We are delivering standard products to our target market space which bring high value with no cost increase. Additionally, we are investing in innovation, developing new filter inductor products for the power semiconductors of tomorrow. CTM is well positioned for growth with our new 5 acre, 60,000 square foot facility to add to our old 2 acre, 20,000 sq. foot site. We continue to invest in our future with people, equipment, and technology so that we can continue to deliver on our value proposition for many years to come.