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CTM Magnetics is the premier supplier of power quality solutions for the line (grid) side and load (motor) side of variable frequency drives (VFDs) and other power conversion systems from 40 A through 3,000 A. With innovative technology, CTM provides power quality products that offer 50% reductions in size, weight, power loss, and audible noise at no additional cost.

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CTM Magnetics provides sine wave filters to protect your motor, line/load reactors to reduce voltage spikes and harmonic distortion, active front-end filters for ultimate line side filtering, grid-tie filters for power generation, and other superior power quality products that improve overall system performance, efficiency, and reliability. CTM is committed to innovation, so that we can deliver the highest quality solutions for the power quality needs of today and tomorrow.

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CTM Magnetics engineers High Power Inductors & Filter Solutions. Click to read more

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Thiss Technology

CTM Thiss Technology filter inductor can increase efficiecy and filter performance.