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CTM Magnetics is the premier supplier of power quality solutions for high power drives and other power conversion systems from 40 A to 3,000 A. With innovative technology, CTM provides filters and reactors that offer 50% reductions in size, weight, power loss, and audible noise at no additional cost

Our Technology

Technology is what distinguishes CTM from its competitors. Advanced thermal systems, low-loss, low-cost magnetic materials, and superior packaging solutions allow CTM to deliver superior power quality products that improve overall system performance, efficiency, and reliability. CTM is committed to innovation, so we can deliver the highest quality solutions for the electrical needs of today and tomorrow.

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CTM distinguishes itself by offering advanced technology at an affordable price. From conventional applications to high frequency drives, silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics, and liquid cooled systems, advanced technology allows CTM to deliver the products you need at prices you can afford.

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For both air cooled and liquid cooled applications, CTM Magnetics offers line and load reactors, sine wave filters, and dV/dt filters, as well as high frequency variants of our load reactors and filters. CTM can also engineer custom solutions to your exacting product specifications.


CTM products find use in a variety of applications in many industries. From renewable power generation to industrial manufacturing to oil and gas harvesting, find your power quality solution by industry.

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Have additional questions about our products? Unsure about your application? Looking for a custom-designed solution? Contact us directly for all your questions and requests. Our Engineers will help you find the precise product that best fits your needs.

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